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Key Takeaways from LMA? ILN Marketers Speak – Morgan Leigh Horvitz

What was your key takeaway from the LMA Annual Conference?

Morgan: The first was to spend some time looking at our website on mobile devices, and trying to make our mobile site user-friendly and re-design it to help people who are looking for specific information while on-the-go.

Another was the need to really differentiate ourselves in our proposal-writing and client service. With legal spending by companies not increasing much, the competition  is going to be much more stiff.

My third key takeaway was to work on our marketing materials. Clients are less interested in all of the details about the firm, and more interested in what the firm can do for them. Win records, brief and useful information about the firm, and how the firm can service the client (solve problems creatively, save money through efficiency) need to be highlighted.

Which session did you find most valuable and why?

Morgan: I found the “Breaking the Brochureware Approach” pre-conference session to be the most helpful.  We looked at how clients view websites and marketing materials, what they are looking for, and how we can meet their informational needs while promoting and differentiating the firm.


Other LMA attendees – what are your key takeaways? Which sessions did you find the most valuable?