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Clean Power Call Yields Two Additional Project EPA’s

BC Hydro announced today that it will award electricity purchase agreements to two additional projects under its Clean Power Call.  Here is the press release. Two hydro projects are still under consideration (Box Canyon and Castle Mountain).

These projects are:

Long Lake Joint Venture (a JV between Regional Power Inc. and Summit Power Group) – a 31 MW storage hydro project in Stewart, BC. Here is the Terrace Standard’s story on the project.

Pacific Greengen Power – a 45 MW run-of-river hydro project in Harrison Hot Springs, BC

These projects bring the total amount of electricity awarded under the Clean Power Call to 3,188 GWh/year of firm energy, considerably less than the 5,000 GWh/year BC Hydro had requested from developers under the 2008 Clean Power Call.

Remember, the amount of electricity awarded to date is pre-attrition and BC Hydro is using a 30 percent attrition factor for the Clean Power Call. Under past calls for power, BC Hydro has seen attrition rates anywhere from 0 to 100%. So it remains to be seen which projects and how many ultimately will be built.

Out of general interest, here is a map of the current electricity supply to BC Hydro from independent power projects (as of April 1, 2010). The map does not include the projects awarded EPA’s under the Clean Power Call.