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What type of lawyer are you?

In this occasion, rather than present you with any articles or news from the legal environment in the Dominican Republic, I´ll take this opportunity to learn your thoughts on these simple but tricky questions….. trying to relax a little!

1. Have you ever had to enforce a clause in a contract you have had to object before?. I was in such a situation, when I represented one client wishing to enforce a similar clause that I tried to object in a previous matter (different clients) from the other side of the desk.
2. How do you know when it´s time to step up and leave a negotiation room? Are you like the ones that ask high to settle low or you just give the only option up front? Have you ever left a negotiation to reposition your client?
3. When drafting a contract, should you include what you expect the other party to have included or you just leave it to them to ask for it?. Sadly in my country there is plenty of the latter, although personally I try to be ethical about and include what I want plus what I can give…. it doesn’t always work though.
Any thoughts? have any stories to tell….Please share them with us.