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Tune in to (Two) Other Brands for Inspiration

photo-1461783436728-0a9217714694Two weeks ago, we took a look at two brands (Rolex and Farmers Insurance) who are doing content marketing right, with the idea being that when we look outside the legal industry, we can often find transferable lessons that can be applied to our own strategy and execution to improve what we’re doing.

The original post by Neil Patel looks at 8 brands, and this week, I want to look at two more of them for some additional inspiration – let’s stretch our collective imaginations and see how what those in completely different industries to our own are doing successfully might translate to legal!

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ILN Member Firms Work Together to Assist Hungarian Commercial Bank

photo-1450101499163-c8848c66ca85A leading Hungarian commercial bank had been offered securities held on a securities account owned by a “Sparverein,” a specific Austrian legal entity similar to a savings club, as collateral for a credit agreement with a separate entity. As the bank was unfamiliar with the corporate form of a Sparverein, and the laws applicable for such entities, it raised several questions and the bank wanted to ensure that its collateral would be valid and enforceable. These questions, among others, related to whether the Sparverein is allowed to offer its funds as collateral in general, and with respect to loans granted to a third party in particular, as well as the enforceability of the security deposit in a liquidation procedure or any other insolvency situation.

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Week of August 1, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupIt’s time for another roundup, and a bit hard to believe that we’re already through the first week in August! What projects are you trying to get through in these quieter days of summer before things ramp up again in September? We’re excited about several things here at the ILN, and more information on those will be forthcoming! But first, grab your coffee and take a gander through our top posts from this week on ILNToday!

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: How to Become an Enlightened Rainmaker™

Last week, Jaimie Field talked about what Enlightened Rainmaking™ means, and this week, she’s telling us how to become an Enlightened Rainmaker™.

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Are You Ready for the Future of Legal Services?

Young woman loking at virtual graphics in futuristic background

A few months ago, I was contacted about SmartLaw.

SmartLaw is the idea that there are three keys to a law firm’s success – their clients, their culture and the intelligent use of technology (this is per HighQ, a technology company who provides enterprise collaboration, file sharing & content publishing solutions to leading law firms, corporate legal teams, and banks).

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Week of July 25, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupAfter two weeks away, we are finally back with our ILNToday roundup here at Zen! And what a roundup it is – take a look below for our latest news from around the Network:

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Enlightened Rainmaking™

Last week, Jaimie Field shared her latest rainmaking recommendation, which we missed while I was out on vacation. So I’m bringing it to you this week instead – read what Jaimie has to say about “Enlightened Rainmaking™.”

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Imitation (in Content Marketing) is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

photo-1430462773665-fd261133b47fWhether you’re a law firm marketer or a lawyer who is writing, tweeting, posting to LinkedIn, or sharing content in another way, your primary goal is to remain relevant and valuable to your audience.

To do that, you’re constantly checking to ensure that what you’re authoring and sharing resonates with them – you review, you refine, you revise.

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Two Ways to Liven Up Old Content

photo-1460400408855-36abd76648b9Now that it’s starting to be the dog days of summer, and many of you are out on vacation (me included – I wrote this post in advance!), it can be easy to let your content slide a little bit. “Nothing is going on,” “Everyone is away,” “I’m too busy,” “I don’t feel like it” – do any of those excuses sound familiar to you?

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Two Tips for Identifying Influencers in Your Niche

photo-1458724338480-79bc7a8352e4If you produce content – for example, you write a blog, author articles, post tweets, create videos, write LinkedIn posts, etc. – you’ve probably heard or read at some point that it’s a good idea to connect with “influencers” in your industry to extend the reach of your content. “Influencers” are those who are perceived as leaders within your industry, and as such, have the power to affect what others are reading, watching, and talking about.

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