Comply, Offset or Pay: BC To Regulate LNG Export Facilities on CO2 Emissions

Today, the BC Government introduced new legislation aimed to help BC meet its greenhouse gas emission targets by imposing environmental standards on liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities operating within the province.

Under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act, natural gas cooling facilities must meet a benchmark of 0.16 carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) tonnes per tonne of LNG produced. Per the BC Government background statement,  leading global LNG facilities have emissions intensities between 0.18 and .027 tonnes of CO2e per tonne of LNG produced.

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Kochański Zięba Rapala & Partners Law Firm has won a case for the editors-in-chief of the daily “Fakt” tabloid newspaper and its website against the General Inspectorate for Road Transport

On 14 October 2014, the Court of Appeal in Warsaw dismissed an appeal in whole which was submitted by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport in a case brought against the editors-in-chief of the daily “Fakt” tabloid newspaper – G. Jankowski and R. Feluś, and the editors-in-chief of its accompanying website, – K. Sielicka and M. Wodziński, which recognized that the Judgment issued by the court of first instance corresponds with law.

The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal in whole which was submitted by GIRT, and demanded that the original Judgment issued by the Regional Court be overturned and that an order was made for the publication of a rectification to the information published in Fakt and on the website in articles entitled: “They tell us to impose fines”, “Imposing fines as piecework” and “A secret order: the more fines imposed, the higher the salaries.”  More…

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ADC initiates new investigation into alleged dumping of steel reinforcing bar

The ADC has achieved the “ton” with the issue of ADN 2014/100 on Friday, 17 October 2014.

Click here to view the ADN.

The Investigation was initiated at the application of OneSteel. More…

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Court of Appeal – Proposed new regime for civil appeals and applications

On 9 September 2014, the Courts Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2014(Vic) (the Act) was assented and will come into effect on 10 November 2014.  The Act makes various amendments to the Supreme Court Act 1986 (Vic) and proposes a new regime for the Court of Appeal to hear civil appeals and applications.

The purpose of the Act is to further improve timeliness of the civil appeal process.  More…

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"TAX TIPS: ‘Material participation’ can be tough to prove," Carl Grassi for Crain’s Cleveland Business

Planning to transition the ownership and management of a business from the retiring “boomer” generation to the next generation presents challenging business, tax and other legal issues.

One issue in structuring this transition is how a retiring business owner can “materially participate,” and therefore be considered active in the business for tax purposes, after he has transitioned the business to his children.

A taxpayer who is active in a business can take advantage of several tax planning techniques, such as reducing the Net Investment Income (“NII”) tax on S corporation profits.

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Clark Wilson acts for C. Fipke Holdings Ltd. to sell stake in Etaki Diamond Mine

Clark Wilson acted for renowned Canadian geologist Charles Fipke and C. Fipke Holdings Ltd. in connection with the sale of Fipke’s 10% stake in the Ekati diamond mine. Fipke’s interest was sold to existing joint venture partners Dominion Diamond Corporation and Dr. Stewart Blusson. Adam Dlin led Clark Wilson’s legal team comprised of Virgil Hlus, Aaron Singer and Areet Kaila. Learn more.
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Immigration Act – Landlord’s Obligations

There have been concerns for some time that rogue residential landlords are letting their properties to illegal immigrants, who then evade deportation. These properties are often unsafe with no sanitation. With that in mind, new statutory provisions have been implemented that will fine landlords up to £3,000 if they do not check their tenants’ immigration status. British citizens, EEA and Swiss nationals and anyone who has indefinite leave to remain are fine. For everyone else, the landlord will have to carry out checks. Visitors with a time-limited visa (e.g. guest workers) will be allowed to rent for the duration of their visa but the landlord will need to follow up to make sure that the visa has been renewed and file a report to the Home Office if it has not.  More…

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SFO faces fresh attempt at NCA merger

This article was previously published in The Times on 9 October 2014.

After failing in her attempts to overhaul the Serious Fraud Office three years ago in the face of staunch opposition from the former attorney general, Dominic Grieve QC, and Justice Minister, Kenneth Clarke, Theresa May is now considering reviving her plans to dismantle the much maligned organisation. The SFO has received its fair share of bad publicity ranging from the ill-conceived Tchenguiz investigation to alleged secret payments to exit staff. More…

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Davis, Malm & D’Agostine, P.C. is pleased to announce that 26 of its attorneys were named to the list of 2014 Massachusetts Super Lawyers and Rising Stars. The results will be published in a supplement to the November 2014 issue of Boston magazine and in New England Super Lawyers, published by Thomson Reuters.

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McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies Advisory: This Week in Washington — October 17, 2014

The development of a pharmaceutical drug is a slow, deliberate process, and it can take years of back-and-forth between scientists and health officials before medicine makes it to the market.

But the worst Ebola outbreak in history has changed all that. The Food and Drug Administration is in crisis mode, and its process of reviewing applications for new drugs has been pushed into overdrive. The arrival of the deadly virus on American soil has created an unprecedented situation for the regulatory agency, especially when it comes to experimental drugs.

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