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Beirne, Maynard & Parsons partner Scott D. Marrs and founding partner Martin D. Beirne look at the prevalence of cybersecurity attacks in the energy sector and how energy companies can implement cybersecurity best practices to mitigate this underestimated risk. To read the entire article, please access the below pdf.

PDF FileCybersecurity in the Energy Age

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Glen Boswall and Satinder Sidhu spoke at CSC event

Earlier today, Glen Boswall and Satinder Sidhu presented at a Construction Specifications Canada luncheon. On the subject of Design Professionals’ Liability, Glen and Satinder spoke on “What you don’t know can hurt you”.

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McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies Advisory: This Week in Washington — January 9, 2015

On Tuesday, House conservatives looking to bring down House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) fell short, showing that leadership, emboldened by a massive majority in the House and compatriots leading the Senate, may have an easier time operating amid fickle and disorganized opposition.

Though 25 Republican members declined to support Boehner in a public display of non-approval (the most to oppose any sitting speaker since 1923 and roughly twice as many as opposed Boehner at the start of last Congress) the hodgepodge nature of the coup alienated even those who were otherwise ideologically supportive.

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Data Privacy/Labor and Employment Attorney Sara Hutchins Jodka Joins McDonald Hopkins

COLUMBUS, Ohio (January 9, 2015) — Sara Hutchins Jodka has joined the Columbus office of McDonald Hopkins as senior counsel in the firm’s Litigation Department.  She works with clients in the firm’s Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, and Labor and Employment Practice Groups.

The McDonald Hopkins Columbus office continues to grow since merging with Welin, O’Shaughnessy + Scheaf in February 2014 and the addition of Todd Snitchler, the former chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), in April.  

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From Springsteen to Restaurants to Louis C.K – Charitable Giving is Alive and Well

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sang New York, New York; Louis C.K riffed on rats doing it in the subway; and Bruce Springsteen auctioned off two guitars, a lasagna dinner and a motorcycle ride. That was just some of the goings-on at the 8th Annual Stand Up for Heroes charity show, which raised $6 million to help post-9/11 vets and their families.

In addition to the Boss’s “guitars n’ lasagna” package, this year’s Stand Up for Heroes featured some other new fundraising wrinkles.

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Significant Risks Related to EB-5 Disclosure Documents

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Ronald Fieldstone

Ronald Fieldstone

Arnstein & Lehr Miami Partner Ronald Fieldstone recently authored, “Significant Risks Related to EB-5 Disclosure Documents – Guidance Concerning Disclosure Obligations,” which was published in EB5 Investors Magazine’s 2014 Special Edition. In his article, Mr. Fieldstone focuses on some of the key disclosures required in EB-5 offerings and how to navigate the risk assessment and manner of disclosure related to such disclosures.

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One Step Closer To Making A Federal Case Out Of It

In the year-end holiday rush, employers and other trade secret owners may not have noticed that the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives in mid-December reported favorably on HR 5233, a proposal to create a federal civil cause of action concerning trade secrets. (Click here for copy of Committee Report and here for text of bill). The Senate has its own version. (Click here). While Congress did not vote on it before year end, the bill is said to have bi-partisan support in the House and there are intimations of White House approval.

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Washington Certificate of Need – Tertiary Services Review

The Washington State Department of Health issued today an announcement that it is conducting a review of the tertiary services that it requires obtain certificates of need under the current regulations (WAC 246-310-020(1)(d)(i)).  It is seeking comments on whether there should be additions or deletions to the current tertiary services list, which includes: Specialty burn services; Intermediate care […]

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Multistate Tax Update — January 8, 2015

With the passage of HB 494, the Ohio legislature recently amended the statute dealing with the presumption of domicile purposes of state income taxes. The amendment increases the amount of time, from 182 to 212 days, that a person may spend in Ohio before being presumed to be a resident for income tax purposes.

This change has implications in a variety of contexts, one of which we addressed last August in part I of our series on the complexities of a professional athlete’s tax calculations. It concludes the state in which the taxpayer athlete is domiciled is the state in which he or she will file a resident tax return, and pay tax on all income earned. But if an athlete is drafted, traded, or signed via free agency during the year, domicile can change, even if he or she maintained an Ohio home at some point during the year. Thus, the amendment may offer significant tax savings to an athlete who no longer is present in the state for the requisite number of days under the statute.

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The Illinois legislature amended the Human Rights Act to require employers to accommodate pregnant employees. “Pregnancy” includes pregnancy, childbirth, or medical or common conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth.

Note that the new provisions regulate the smallest employers, including any person employing one or more employees.

It is illegal for an employer to discriminate with respect to recruitment, hiring, promotion, renewal of employment, selection for training or apprenticeship, discharge, discipline, tenure or terms, privileges or conditions of employment on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical or common conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth. Women affected by pregnancy, childbirth, or medical or common conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth must be treated the same for all employment-related purposes, including fringe benefit programs, as other persons not so affected. More…

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