oGLumRxPRmemKujIVuEG_LongExposure_i84The Danish Consumer ombudsman has recently found that the Danish telephone companies TDC, Telia and Telenor has been misleading the consumers in relation to the speed on broadband internet. The Consumer ombudsman has on that ground requested the companies to change their marketing regarding broadband.

The Danish consumer ombudsman has raised five cases concerning misleading advertisement for broadband.

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In Today’s Environment, What Is “Adequate Consideration” for a Restrictive Covenant Signed by an Existing Employee?

Employers seeking to require an existing employee to sign a restrictive covenant should consider current litigation trends surrounding what constitutes “adequate consideration.” Under the traditional rule followed by a majority of states, continued employment, standing alone, is adequate consideration for a restrictive covenant signed by an at-will employee. Several courts, however, have recently reexamined this issue, so employers must be aware of differences among the states as to whether some consideration beyond mere continued at-will employment is required.

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RSS, proud to take part in the McCord Museum Sugar Ball

May 10, 2016 — Last Friday, the firm’s young lawyers and articled students took part in the McCord Museum Sugar Ball, a charitable event that raised $240,000 towards the educational activities for school kids at the Museum. Gérald Kounadis, as Co-Chair of the organizing committee, played a pivotal role in making this evening a success!

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Ted Goloff appointed on a committee of the American Bar Association

May 10, 2016 — Theodore Goloff, from our Labour and Employment Law Group, has just been appointed Vice-Chair of the Canada Committee of the ABA Section of International Law, for a one-year term that begins in August.

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Creating a Cohesive Digital Strategy Across Your Firm

bag-and-handsI love bringing guest voices to Zen to share some wisdom with you, and today, I am fortunate to introduce a legal marketer and friend of mine, Jennifer Simpson Carr. Jenn has led business development and communications efforts at national law firms for nearly ten years.  She has a passion for strategic communications and recently earned a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers Business Schoo

I got to know Jenn when she was working with ILN member firm, Davis & Gilbert, in New York, and we’ve stayed in touch as her career and family have taken her all over the country. This is her first foray into blogging, offering an excellent recap of the roundtable session she led during last week’s Law Firm Marketing & Business Development Forum, with some important takeaways on creating a digital strategy across your firm. Let’s give her a warm welcome! 


I had the pleasure of attending The American Lawyer’s 7th Annual Law Firm Marketing & Business Development Forum last week in New York.  Throughout the two day program, industry leaders covered topics ranging from industry disrupters, to defining value, to communications.  I also had the privilege of leading a roundtable session on, “Creating a Cohesive Digital Strategy Across Your Firm.”  As the use of digital marketing by the legal industry is growing, we decided to discuss fundamental questions around creating and maintaining a successful digital strategy.  (I reminded attendees that when I started working in law firms, the core of our “digital strategy” was SEO and measuring email campaign metrics.)  It has been exciting to watch as the role of digital has evolved within law firms.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOGAAAAJGQ2ZDVmNjBiLWEyMjYtNGU3Ni04MzBhLTU3MDZmMTk3MjY0ZAWe had a fantastic group of participants who shared challenges, opportunities and war success stories from the trenches.  In the end, I think the best way to ensure digital success in your organization is to go back to the basics.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Document: Your digital strategy is part of your communications strategy.  While the concept of “digital marketing” may feel rather new at some firms, it is, and should be documented as, part of your overall integrated communications plan.  It should seamlessly support your branding and messaging efforts.
  • Measure: Define your KPIs [Key Performance Indicators] and how you plan to measure success.  A multitude of data points are available, so be clear up front on which matter most to your organization, your campaign and achieving your goals.  Then, use the data to adjust and develop a smarter strategy.
  • Train: Resistance to the use of digital, especially social, can be a hurdle.  Provide training.  Explain the target audience and goals for engaging in each of the various platforms, and the benefits for both the firm and individual users. Help users identify which platform(s) are best suited for their practice and to support individual goals.  Provide guidelines, discuss strategy and answer questions.  The more comfortable users feel, the more inclined they will be to participate (and stick with it).
  • Prepare: Plan ahead for questions, comments and (yes) any potential crisis that could arise.  Prepare an anticipated Q&A sheet around campaigns; provide users with pre-written replies that answer questions or link to relevant information.  Jennifer Connelly, CEO of JConnelly, says that you must have a crisis communications plan in place — even if it isn’t perfect, you are one step ahead.  Crisis planning is critical to the preparedness of any communications team.
  • Content: Melissa Croteau, Principal of M Croteau Consulting, says content should be “client focused and value based.”  Focus on your clients’ needs and add value, rather than simply summarizing an issue. Tell readers how the issue impacts their business.  Interactive and visual content, such as infographics, can make the most impact, most quickly.
  • Confidence: Don’t be afraid to explore new strategies and take risks.  Barbara Tannenbaum, Senior Lecturer at Brown University, says that to build confidence, you must first fail and realize that you will get through it.

I am very grateful to the attendees who chose to participate in our roundtable session, share ideas and learn together.

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Walking out without notice can be costly

A commentary by Jacques Bélanger, from our Labour and Employment Law Group.

May 10, 2016 — It is fairly well known that, under art. 2091 of the Civil Code of Québec, an employer must give reasonable notice when terminating an employee without a serious reason. Too often, however, we forget that this article imposes a similar obligation upon an employee who resigns without a serious reason.

A recent decision reminds that “the legal obligation to give notice applies to the resigning employee as it does to the employer who terminates the employee” [Pharmacie Jean-Sébastien Blais inc. c. Pharmacie Éric Bergeron et André Vincent inc., 2016 QCCS 1306, par. 54; our translations].

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Can non-MSSP ACOs qualify for Tax-Exempt Status?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently affirmed its decision to deny 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to an accountable care organization (ACO) that did not participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). The IRS initially denied the ACO’s request for tax exempt status in a determination letter dated August 25, 2014. While neither the determination letter […]

The post Can non-MSSP ACOs qualify for Tax-Exempt Status? appeared first on OMW Health Law.

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Certain Novelties in the Migration Legislation

There are several important amendments in the area of migration law coming into force in 2016.

1.  Progress in the electronic document circulation

Russian Government Regulation dated 22 February 20161 entrusted the multifunctional centers (“My Documents” centers rendering public services) (hereinafter – the “MFC”) with the authority to provide the relevant state and municipal services, namely electronic notification of the Federal Migration Service (hereinafter- the “FMS”) local authorities on arrival of foreign residents or stateless persons at the place of temporary residence using unified system of interdepartmental electronic cooperation.

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CHOA’s 40th Anniversary AGM and Strata Symposium

We are proud to have been a part of the Condominium Homeowners Association of BC’s 40th Anniversary AGM and Strata Symposium. Pat Williams, Veronica Franco, Allyson Baker and Lauren Liang presented a mock Annual General Meeting, which gave attendees insight into AGM best practices. We are happy to have participated in CHOA’s celebration and them on 40 years of advocacy and education for the strata community.

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David Austin in the Financial Post

David Austin was interviewed for a Financial Post article on the Royal Dutch Shell Plc casting fresh doubt on BC LNG project due to funding. In the article, David states that you need customers, willing banks, and regulatory approvals for LNG.

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