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Week of January 6, 2014 – A Roundup!

I’m still having some trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that we’re already in 2014, but it’s true – we’re 10 days in to the new year already! I hope everyone has their business development plans in hand and has made some resolutions for the new year in business that you’re already executing!

We’ve got some great content in our roundup for you this week:

  • GST going concern exemption to be abolished from Gadens Lawyers (Australia): No one says it better than Gadens – “The Abbott Government has announced it will adopt a controversial measure proposed (but not implemented) by the former Rudd Government to replace the GST-free going concern and farm land exemptions with a new ‘reverse charge’ mechanism. 
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10 Wishes for 2014 – Focus on the Small Stuff & Think Like a Client!

We’re finally here, at my last two wishes for you for 2014! If you’ve missed any of the previous wishes, you can find them here:

I’ve left two of the most important ones for last: 

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10 Wishes for 2014 – Focus on Content & Get Personal

To quickly recap, so far we’ve had these six wishes for 2014:

For today’s two, I have a couple of tips that I think are especially important – and if you’re a regular reader here at Zen, you’ll have seen these before.  

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10 Wishes for 2014 – Taking Small Steps Can Mean Big Changes

We’re back this cold, cold Wednesday with my next two wishes for you in 2014. For the first four, see here and here. Today, I’m looking at a couple of small steps that can add up to big results over the course of the year.

  1. Do One Business Development Activity a Week: Some people are natural networkers and business development experts. I’m not one of those people. But what I’ve learned over time is that there are as many ways to network and develop business as there are people – and we all have our strengths. If you’re not regularly doing any business development, let this be the year you start. Pick a few different activities and commit yourself to trying one each week – maybe one week you offer to author a blog post as a guest blogger for someone you like and respect; another week, you ask someone in your city that you’re connected to through LinkedIn (but haven’t met in person) to have coffee; another week, you go to a networking event that you’ve never attended before.
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10 Wishes for 2014 – Be Social, Online and Off

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I’m offering you my 10 wishes for you in 2014 (and for myself, for that matter – I’m not off the hook!). Today’s two wishes are about relationships, both on social media, and off:

  1. Make This the Year You Go Social: If you’re not using social media yet (well, you’re probably not reading this post then!), make this the year you do it! If you’re afraid of either being overwhelmed by it or making a mistake, start small – head over to LinkedIn and get your profile set up. Connect with people and start to engage with them, once a week if you’re busy. Know that social media is still so new that everyone is still learning what it all means and what the right tools are. And don’t be afraid to ask questions – of your colleagues,
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10 Wishes for 2014 – Plan & Be Open

Here we are, on what has inauspiciously been named the “most depressing day of the year.” It may be raining here in Jersey, and the temps may be dropping by the minute, but today, I’m thinking about my wishes for you for 2014. (And if you’re feeling depressed, take a look at Heather Morse-Geller’s blog about which “you” is showing up for work today – it will re-frame your thinking!)

For 2014, I’ve come up with 10 things that I wish for you in 2014 – it’s going to take some effort, but if we all throw these in the mix, I think we’re going to have a pretty good year. There are so many wishes I have for you, that I’m going to break up this post and give you just two to think about each day this week! 

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A Final Goodbye to 2013 with a Countdown of Top Posts!

Happy New Year everyone!

Before we say our final goodbyes to 2013, I wanted to bring you one last roundup. We’re doing two countdowns in this post today – a countdown of the top five posts from ILNToday and the top five posts from right here on Zen & the Art of Legal Networking!

Tomorrow, I’l be bringing you the 10 things I want you to do in 2014, but for today, let’s finish out 2013! 

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Week of December 16, 2013 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

And just like that, it’s December 20th already. For those of you who celebrate, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I’m expecting a few packages in the mail today, and then just a few things left to wrap before I’m ready for the big day!

But before I get to that wrapping, let’s “wrap” up this week on ILNToday (like what I did there?). We have a truly international roundup for you today: 

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The Battle of the Holiday Cards

They may seem newfangled to some attorneys, but holiday e-cards have been around for a few years now, long enough for Above the Law to be hosting their 5th Annual Holiday Card Contest (finalists in the attached link). My preference is still for a nice paper card in my hot little hand (as one of my school teachers used to say), but as a marketer, I can’t help but get excited for any card that does a smart job of promoting the firm by offering holiday wishes in a fun and snazzy way.

So. as I was viewing ATL’s top cards for 2013, I started thinking about all of the e-cards that I’d received this year from ILN members, and one stands out to me – not simply as the best of the ILN cards I received, but as one of the best law firm e-cards I’ve seen this year. 

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Planning Your Time

Jaimie Field, Esq brings us another valuable rainmaking recommendation on the theme of time today. For those of us who have finished (or are finishing) our marketing and business development plans for next year, it’s a good reminder of why we’re doing them. And if you think you don’t need one, make sure to read ahead – you’ll soon change your mind!


To continue with the theme of time…

The countdown to the New Year has begun. And this is when article after article and blog post after blog post begin to appear about writing your marketing and rainmaking plans, how to set goals, etc. I am a big proponent of planning because as Benjamin Franklin once said:

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