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The Right Way to be a Lawyer of the Future

photo-1447433865958-f402f562b843A couple of weeks ago, I shared HighQ’s eBook on Smart Law, addressing the question “What do you believe lawyers and law firms need to do to prepare for the future of legal services?” My response to their question is that firms need flexibility, and today and over the next few months, I want to look at what some of the other contributors consider to be essential to the future of the legal industry.

As I’m sure we all have our own thoughts on where the industry is headed and why, don’t be shy about sharing your answers to HighQ’s question in the comments, and responding to what the other contributors had to say as well! 

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Week of August 22, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupWe had our first taste of some cooler weather here in the northeast this week, and it was glorious! Unfortunately, we’re back to super hot summer temperatures this weekend, but hopefully this is summer’s last hurrah (and not only because I have to run a 10k next Saturday morning).

What IS cheering us up are the posts from our ILN members over on ILNToday. We’ve got some great substantive content for you to read through this Friday morning, so grab your coffee and get going!

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How Lawyers Can Embrace Instagram Stories

photo-1469013078550-305e63b7c8f7Back in February, we talked about how lawyers can use Instagram to get noticed. Instagram still continues to dominate when it comes to social media, and whether you’re using it yourself, or you just want to have a better understanding of how it works because your clients are using it, it’s a great tool. That being said, I still stand by what I said at the end of my last post:

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Week of August 15, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupWe’re at the end of a busy week here at the ILN, and our lawyers have been no less busy producing some valuable and thought-provoking content for you. Check out our latest roundup from around the Network: 

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ILN Firm of the Month – Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth – Newport Beach, California!


August/September 2016

The ILN is proud to announce our latest firm of the month, Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth – Newport Beach, California!

Stradling is a premier business law firm with more than 130 attorneys in ten offices across California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington. Stradling represents companies and other entities which seek a sophisticated law firm with experienced counsel to guide critical transactions and disputes. Originally founded in 1975 to represent Southern California’s most innovative emerging growth companies, Stradling is known today as a leading full-service business law firm representing high growth and established organizations at all stages of their existence, including formation, angel and seed financing, venture capital financing, mergers and acquisitions, private equity transactions, IPOs, and debt financings. They bring a tremendous amount of technical expertise to each transaction ranging from extensive corporate, securities, and finance experience, to specialized proficiencies in core areas such as executive compensation and employment, tax, intellectual property, environmental, and real estate law.

In addition to its corporate practice, Stradling’s complex business litigation team has deep experience across a spectrum of matters, including securities class actions, merger and acquisition litigation, consumer class actions, trade secret and unfair competition cases, intellectual property disputes, and government investigations.  Their lawyers are experienced in handling matters from inception through appeals and in the event the dispute cannot be resolved, Stradling  has experienced trial lawyers that have tried cases before judges and juries in state and federal courts across the United States. They also handle the day-to-day litigation needs of their clients utilizing creative approaches to effectively resolve commercial, contract, and business tort disputes, as well as deploying strategies to handle portfolios of litigation.

The firm’s public finance lawyers represent municipalities and public agencies in finance and redevelopment transactions throughout the western region and ranked #1 as a bond, disclosure and underwriter’s counsel firm in California for the third year in a row.

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Week of August 8, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupWe’re at the end of another week here in August, and hopefully everyone battling this oppressive heat & humidity is doing so successfully! This runner has her fingers crossed that we’re seeing the last of the weather that makes outdoor runs so challenging!

But what is not challenging (see what I did there?) is reading this week’s top posts from ILNToday – we’ve got a great roundup for you from around the world. So grab your coffee and take a read!

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Are Your Cross-Selling Efforts Stalling? Maybe You’re Doing It Wrong…

photo-1452690700222-8a2a1a109f4cToday, I’m bringing you a guest post from my friend, Lance Godard, a Business Development Manager at Fisher & Philips. I know that “cross-selling” is often a hot (maybe too hot!) topic, and Lance delves into some candid reasons for why it may not be working – if you really want to make it work for you, take a look at his thoughts on the subject.


Whether you call it cross-marketing or cross-targeting or some other variation on the theme, cross-selling is not a new concept for most lawyers and firms. And it’s not particularly complicated to do: align the work you actually provide a client with the services they need, and implement a program for connecting their needs with your practices. Easy-peasy, right?

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Tune in to (Two) Other Brands for Inspiration

photo-1461783436728-0a9217714694Two weeks ago, we took a look at two brands (Rolex and Farmers Insurance) who are doing content marketing right, with the idea being that when we look outside the legal industry, we can often find transferable lessons that can be applied to our own strategy and execution to improve what we’re doing.

The original post by Neil Patel looks at 8 brands, and this week, I want to look at two more of them for some additional inspiration – let’s stretch our collective imaginations and see how what those in completely different industries to our own are doing successfully might translate to legal!

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ILN Member Firms Work Together to Assist Hungarian Commercial Bank

photo-1450101499163-c8848c66ca85A leading Hungarian commercial bank had been offered securities held on a securities account owned by a “Sparverein,” a specific Austrian legal entity similar to a savings club, as collateral for a credit agreement with a separate entity. As the bank was unfamiliar with the corporate form of a Sparverein, and the laws applicable for such entities, it raised several questions and the bank wanted to ensure that its collateral would be valid and enforceable. These questions, among others, related to whether the Sparverein is allowed to offer its funds as collateral in general, and with respect to loans granted to a third party in particular, as well as the enforceability of the security deposit in a liquidation procedure or any other insolvency situation.

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Week of August 1, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupIt’s time for another roundup, and a bit hard to believe that we’re already through the first week in August! What projects are you trying to get through in these quieter days of summer before things ramp up again in September? We’re excited about several things here at the ILN, and more information on those will be forthcoming! But first, grab your coffee and take a gander through our top posts from this week on ILNToday!

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