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Week of March 14, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup

roundupNow that we’re more than halfway through March, we’re almost at the end of the first quarter of 2016. If it feels like this year is flying by, that’s because it is – as you are busily meeting the demands of your day to day work, are you also progressing on your marketing and business development plans? The end of the quarter is a good time to check in, if you’re not doing so on a regular basis, and set some goals for the quarter ahead, to take small, incremental steps that will add up to progress in the long run.

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3 Reasons Why Every Lawyer Should Study JD Supra’s Readers’ Choice Awards

Today, I’m bringing you a reprint of my friend, Lance Godard‘s latest blog post on 3 reasons every lawyer should study JD Supra’s Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards came out earlier this week, and while you may be inclined to dismiss them automatically as something only to celebrate for those who were honored, you’d be wrong. There are actually a number of important reasons you should be focused on the information revealed in these awards, and Lance is here to tell us why. 

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Want more referrals? Do they know what you do?

In today’s Rainmaking Recommendation, rainmaking coach and trainer, Jaimie Field, helps you to understand how to present who you are to your potential referral sources, so that they can be sending you the right referrals. Do your referral sources really know what you do?


When asked by someone – whether at a party, a networking event, at a family reunion – “what do you do?”, too many attorneys answer: “I’m a lawyer.”  Or maybe you switch it up and say: “I’m a __________ (fill in practice area) attorney.

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Two Ways Content Marketing Can Advance Your Professional Brand

business people in a series with a casual guy doing the headstand

Last week, I was speaking with one of my lawyers about content marketing and social media, and he wanted to know whether “all this blogging and social media stuff” really brings in work for lawyers. It’s a question I get a lot from my lawyers, and one that ties in nicely with an article I was just reading this afternoon, so I thought I’d share my answer with you here as well.

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ILN Firm of the Month – Abe, Wada & Watanabe – Tokyo, Japan!


March/April 2016

The ILN is proud to announce our latest firm of the month, Abe, Wada & Watanabe – Tokyo, Japan!

Abe, Wada & Watanabe is an internationally oriented boutique law firm based in Tokyo, Japan. Their attorneys have considerable experience representing a wide variety of corporate clients, including foreign multinationals in Japan (inbound work) and assisting Japanese companies that do business abroad (outbound work). All of the partners and many of the associates at Abe, Wada & Watanabe have worked in the legal profession overseas and understand the needs of overseas clients.

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Week of March 7, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

Photo courtesy of The Lawyer

I’m just back from London, where I represented the ILN at The Lawyer’s European Awards 2016, where we were shortlisted for Global Network of the Year, and three ILN members were also shortlisted for various categories. We are excited that the ILN’s Chinese member, Zhong Lun Law Firm, won for Law Firm of the Year: Asia! We join all our fellow ILN members in wishing them the warmest congratulations.

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Crisis Management: An Opportunity for Litigators to Be Proactive

1928e537Litigators: a recent survey by public relations firm Greentarget highlights the opportunity to be proactive with your clients, says Senior Vice President and head of the firm’s Crisis & Litigation Communications Group, Larry Larsen.

The survey itself focused on the intersection between communications planning and reputation in high-profile lawsuits, and revealed that a lack of planning outside of the courtroom, not surprisingly, can lead to damaging a company’s image. From Greentarget’s press release:

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Two Ways to Translate Content Marketing into Relationship Marketing

photo-1452690700222-8a2a1a109f4cRemember the good old days when we just did a bunch of things and didn’t have specialized terms for them? Yep, these aren’t them.

Social media marketing” came about when social media platforms were introduced and we learned how to use online technology to build relationships that we’d previously been building offline (that’s tremendously simplified, but you get the idea). Then “content marketing” came along to describe what many law firms had been doing for years – writing about the law and its impact on their clients, and then sharing it with them. As a term, content marketing is broader than that, but in terms of the legal industry, that’s pretty much the short version.

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Week of February 29, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupWe’ve got some meaty articles in the roundup for you this week – from European data privacy law to reflections on the latest US Supreme Court ruling and more, these are posts from our members that are not to be missed:

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: The Psychology of Referrals

It’s the first Wednesday of March (when did THAT happen?), so you know what that means! It’s time for a rainmaking recommendation from expert and coach, Jaimie Field. Jaimie is continuing her discussions on one of my favorite subjects, referrals, so this is a recommendation not to miss! 

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