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International Lawyers Network

The International Lawyers Network (ILN) is a leading association of 91 high-quality, full-service independent law firms.

Since 1988, the ILN has helped its members keep pace with today’s global economy, through access to the tremendous strength and depth of the combined expertise of 5,000 lawyers in 67 countries on six continents.

ILN member firms are among the most respected and most experienced counsel in their jurisdictions. Clients’ increasing need for reliable foreign counsel is well-met by the personalized, high-quality and cost-effective legal services provided by ILN member firms. Unique to the ILN are the strong personal and professional relationships among its members and their clients developed over the past 26 years. Far from a mere directory, the ILN is an affiliation of lawyers who gather on a regional and worldwide basis annually and work routinely with each other to address client requirements and needs.

Each of the ILN’s member firms is international in outlook and staffed by highly trained senior attorneys, who are experts in a broad range of practice areas. ILN members have demonstrated experience in working successfully with international companies. They are independent, mid-sized firms within their jurisdictions, and are committed to the focus of the International Lawyers Network, admitted to the Network only after a rigorous application process. The ILN provides clients with high-quality service from experienced local counsel who work in firms that maintain excellent reputations in their own countries. This means that clients have immediate access to attorneys who are native, both linguistically and culturally, to the country of interest.

The ILN’s international directory app is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. To access the app, click here or log on to ILNmobile.com from your smartphone.

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Immigration Act – Landlord’s Obligations

There have been concerns for some time that rogue residential landlords are letting their properties to illegal immigrants, who then evade deportation. These properties are often unsafe with no sanitation. With that in mind, new statutory provisions have been implemented that will fine landlords up to £3,000 if they do not check their tenants’ immigration status. British citizens, EEA and Swiss nationals and anyone who has indefinite leave to remain are fine. For everyone else, the landlord will have to carry out checks. Visitors with a time-limited visa (e.g. guest workers) will be allowed to rent for the duration of their visa but the landlord will need to follow up to make sure that the visa has been renewed and file a report to the Home Office if it has not.  More…

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SFO faces fresh attempt at NCA merger

This article was previously published in The Times on 9 October 2014.

After failing in her attempts to overhaul the Serious Fraud Office three years ago in the face of staunch opposition from the former attorney general, Dominic Grieve QC, and Justice Minister, Kenneth Clarke, Theresa May is now considering reviving her plans to dismantle the much maligned organisation. The SFO has received its fair share of bad publicity ranging from the ill-conceived Tchenguiz investigation to alleged secret payments to exit staff. More…

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Warren Brazier presents at Generate 2014

Today our Warren Brazier is at Generate 2014, Clean Energy BC’s annual fall conference that brings together key industry stakeholders from across British Columbia. Warren is part of an important discussion panel, called “More than a Market”, which examines whether the development of clean energy is aligned with BC’s global brand, or if it is in conflict with other forms of economic development.

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The American Association of Advertising Agencies Has the 411 on the Latest Regulatory Issues

Brands and the agencies that help market them have full plates. Just keeping up with the way technology has changed, and how brands communicate with customers is, to say the least, a full time job. But, there are so many things that affect businesses, not the least of which is how government regulation can either help or hinder what we do.

That’s why organizations like the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) are so important. Among its many roles, the 4A’s advocates for advertising and marketing agencies and the other businesses it supports on a wide variety of issues. Some of the biggest items on its current docket:

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Time Pickpockets

As we seem to get busier and busier these days, this post from rainmaking expert Jaimie Field rings especially true. What are your time pickpockets?


Way too many times have I heard the sentence, “I don’t have enough time for rainmaking and marketing activities” (Rainmaking Recommendation #62).

I have proven through mathematics this isn’t true (Rainmaking Recommendation #91), I have told you that you don’t need to spend inordinate amounts of time on rainmaking activities to make a difference to your book of business (Rainmaking Recommendation #5), I have even told you to plan your time (Rainmaking Recommendation #92).

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Customs proposes TCO amendments. Goodbye to the 25% local content requirement?

Under the banner of the Government’s deregulation agenda, Customs has now published notice of a proposed amendment to the TCO regime by removing the current requirement that there needs to be 25% local factory costs before a party can object to a proposed TCO or seek revocation of a TCO.

Presumably this would also allow Customs to object to initiate its own revocation on the same basis. More…

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Supreme Court Rules that Iranian Government Cannot be Sued in Canada for Zahra Kazemi’s Torture and Death

The Supreme Court of Canada recently released a decision -Kazemi Estate v. Islamic Republic of Iran 2014 SCC62 - that concluded that foreign states and their functionaries cannot be sued in Canada for acts of torture committed abroad.  The Court held that the State Immunity Act (“SIA”) in its present form, does not provide for an exception to foreign state immunity from civil suits alleging acts of torture occurring outside Canada.    
As the Court commented, the facts of this case are horrific.  Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian citizen, visited Iran in 2003 as a freelance photographer and journalist.  In June of 2003, Ms. Kazemi attempted to take photographs of individuals protesting against the arrest and detention of their family members outside the Evin Prison in Tehran.  Ms. Kazemi was ordered arrested and detained by Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran’s Chief Public Prosecutor. 
During her time in custody, Ms. Kazemi was not permitted to contact counsel, the Canadian Embassy, or her family.  She was interrogated by Iranian authorities.  She was beaten.  She was sexually assaulted.  She was tortured. 
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Extension in the Period Parents Are Able to Take Off Work

Parental leave, which is for employees to be allowed time off work to further their child’s welfare, can presently be taken only up to the child’s fifth birthday. However, beginning in April 2015, the age limit will increase to any child under the age of 18 years.

If an employee has completed one year’s service with an employer then they are entitled to 18 weeks unpaid parental leave for each child born or adopted. Presently, employees can take this leave at any point up until the child’s fifth birthday or until five years after the child is placed in their care after adoption. Additionally, if the child has disabilities, they can take a period of 18 weeks off until the child’s 18 birthday.

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My next car will be….

Recently, I have been thinking that my next car will be an electric car. There are new electric car models coming onto the market each week (ranging from the Kia Soul EV to the $145,000 BMW i8).

But I might be wrong. Maybe my next car will be driverless. Google has developed a driverless car. Audi tested an unmanned car at speeds as fast as 305kmh today.  Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, has said that there will be truly “autonomous” driving by 2023, where the driver could literally get in the car, go to sleep and wake up at their destination.

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Multistate Tax Update — October 16, 2014

In 2011, in an effort to make Ohio’s government smaller, more efficient, and more effective, Gov. Kasich worked with the General Assembly to enact his fiscal year 2012-13 budget. This budget cut taxes, streamlined regulations, and reformed government.

In mid-2014, the administration conducted a Mid-Biennium Review (MBR), which resulted in a package of bills that sought to initiate reforms to state spending, agency operations, and state policies and programs.

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